Solar Power Systems and Components

Home Solar Panels, Power Inverters and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers by CNBOU

We make renewable energy more accessible for homes and businesses by providing quality solar power system components, including solar panels, solar power inverters, MPPT solar charge controllers and other energy saving products.

We believe that our products will not only allow our customers to achieve low cost and reliability of electricity but also help to sustain the environment through efficient energy use.

Our selection of solar panels, MPPT charge controllers and inverters will help you build a custom solar power system whether you are working on an off-the-grid home project or want to install it as an additional source of green energy.

Our flagship line of products — pure sine power inverters — can also be used with other types of electric power sources, like vehicle, truck, RV or boat batteries. These products meet the needs for efficient energy use at home and on the road.

Whether you are shopping for solar panels for home use or other solar power system components, browse our store and contact us if you need assistance selecting the right products!